IP Access Control Systems

We offer professional commercial cabling and installation services as well as pre-configuration of complete systems managed on secure Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms.

NO server hardware or software installation required.

These systems includes support for standard access credentials such as cards and fobs as well as mobile phone-based tokens and touchless applications including facial recognition and integration with license plate recognition cameras for car park management.

Managed Services

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).

The Managed Services model offers;

Access to more sophisticated technology at a low upfront cost. Cost efficient, trouble free solutions that work. Minimal staff intervention with no need to learn new software or manage hardware. Allows staff to focus on their core business duties. Future-proof, scalable solutions at a fixed monthly rate.

Our easy to manage subscription models also offer a lifetime warranty.

IP Network Camera Systems & Analytics

We offer the flexibility to choose from an on-site storage and video management system, an entirely cloud based solution or a combination of both.

Our video analytics harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform raw video data into actionable insights, which can lead to enhanced security, improved operational efficiencies, better customer engagement, assist with compliance and safety and provide significant cost savings for businesses.

Whether it is a new installation or an upgrade of your existing system, we can help you to get the evidence you are looking for.

Our customers can choose from pre-configured, ready to install systems or have a custom designed solution cabled and installed by our Nationwide network of qualified technicians.

In addition, we also offer a pre-configuration service of most recognised brands to both the industry and end users alike, making it possible for even the most junior of technicians to provide a professional quality, fault free installation.


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